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Salad Spinner Colander

Salad Spinner Colander

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Product Description:

Introducing the New Salad Spinner Colander, a versatile kitchen essential designed to make your culinary adventures even more enjoyable. Here's what makes it a must-have:

Product Highlights

A Twisted Funnel: Whether you're draining pasta, rinsing vegetables, or in need of a turntable, our Salad Spinner Colander has you covered. Say goodbye to shaking and dripping salad leaves – the pump handle effortlessly spins the strainer to dry your produce in seconds.

No More Splashes: Keep your countertop dry and prevent splashes. The Spina fits perfectly in the sink when you want to spin it, ensuring that water stays in its place.

Convenient Handle: Designed with space-saving and convenient storage in mind, the handle can be pushed into the strainer, making it stackable in bowls and out of the way when not in use. Lock the handle to use the Spina as a funnel or twist it to create a pump spin.

Non-Slip Feet: The silicone feet provide stability, even at the highest spinning speeds, even in a wet sink. The baskets are designed to store food, and you can quickly stop the spinning by pressing the handle.

Product Information:

  • Product Size: 221240cm
  • Color: Green
  • Function: Can be rotated to drain
  • Material: Plastic

Simplify your kitchen tasks and add the New Salad Spinner Colander to your kitchen arsenal. It's a versatile tool that will make your cooking experience smoother and more efficient.

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